Martín Kaulen


Una habitación pequeña
Escuela del fosfeno
Registro hablado
By sound
Les chutes du temps
Paisaje microscópico
Cool coco


Paisaje microscópico, 2013
Multimedia installation
Electronic microscope, seawater, amplifier, contact microphones, sound effect, wood, sand, stone, plexiglass, projector

VII Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro Tsonami (2013)
Group exhibition
Sala Puntángeles
Valparaíso, Chile

A sample of seawater taken from the port of Valparaíso is analyzed by an electronic microscope and projected in real time on the wall, allowing to observe the behavior of small forms of life that move in the aquatic environment. Under the microscope, a loudspeaker amplifies the sound coming from people walking on a platform with sand and stones, making the water vibrate and modifying the image.

"In Microscopic Landscape, Kaulen draws a connection between that which is imperceptible to our own eye to our actions. In this artwork, we are as much the subject of the artistic experience as we are the experiment itself, particularly when we try to reconnect to the microscopic universe. Sound is used as a tool to introduce changes and to create a new balance into the sample of seawater that shows the microscope, being a powerful communication tool to establish a link between what we can see and what we can't. And as our Interaction with the artwork changes the intensity of the sound, so is the sound transformed into the movement of the creatures living in the water. This enables direct visualization of the impact of our actions and at the same time, an inter-species and inter-worlds communication without leaving Earth, venturing into the depths of a universe often unknown to us.”

Ljiljana Fruk, 2014 (Full text)

Seawater sample from the port of Valparaíso, Chile
View of the seawater sample under the microscope
View of the seawater sample under the microscope