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By sound
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By sound, 2020
Multimedia installation

Transducers, amplifier, markers, paper, mic stands, cable, analogic synthesizers, wood, balsa, steel, plexiglas, steppers, Arduino, stepper driver, PC and video projector

Open Call - Schausammlung
Group exhibition
LTK4 · Klangbasierte Künste
Cologne, Germany
(In collaboration with Pablo Garreton)

This project investigates the action of sound waves on objects, whose vibration generates random movements. The ephemeral nature of sound is recorded in space, creating spontaneous drawings from the tracing of the sliding of these objects. A first stage is a performance (below), presented in an Open Studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, which then evolves into a multimedia installation presented at LTK4 Klangbasierte Künste in Cologne.

The multimedia installation presents a device that draws automatically from the sound of analog synthesizers. Sound is amplified by two balsa wood modules with markers that, when vibrating and moving, trace the paths caused by tones, timbres and rhythms. They are drawn on a roll of paper 45 meters long that is being unfolded, starting with a performance at the opening that is followed by a video during the two weeks of the exhibition.

By sound, 2020

Cité internationale des arts
Paris, France
(In collaboration with Pablo Garretón)
Performance at Cité Internationale des Arts

The performance presented at the Cité Internationale des Arts, is an experimentation open to the public in which the rules and patterns with which objects move due to sound are explored. The gestures are random and only the permanent sound experimentation allows a control, however limited, of the performed action. With a duration of 40 minutes, a drawing is obtained at the end, that is presented together with a series.

Link to full video

By sound II, 2020. Ink on paper. 250 x 100 cm
By sound I, 2020. Ink on paper. 70 x 150 cm