Martin Kaulen


Motivos rupestres, 2017-19. Sculptures inspired by cave painting motifs in archaeological sites in Latin America.

Cuerpos cíclicos, 2015. Wooden crosswise cuts compositions of reclaimed Acacia trees from the streets of Santiago, Chile.

Xilofoliares, 2016. Series of sculptures made from the subtraction of the softer layers of a block of wood.

Neo-tenso-estructuras, 2018. Hand-made through a complex and self-taught craft process, these works seek to highlight an ancestral craft that is part of the identity and heritage of textile culture in Latin America.

Símbolos arbóreos, 2015. A series of sculptures made out of reclaimed wood of a Grevillea Robusta tree from the streets of Santiago, Chile. 

Ondas, 2014-15. Compositions made from square modules of pine wood, featuring the large, spaced rings of its grain. 

Bambusoideae, 2011-13. Bambusoideae series are based on the use of bamboo canes in South America.

Palíndromos, 2016-17. The assemblage of the steel parts results in a volume that stands up by itself, being recognizable in its two-dimensional origin, defying the use of space.


Free will, 2018
Site specific installation

An embodiment of the subversive, calculating and irreverent attitude of striking is taken towards everyday objects, intervening to prevent or temporarily or permanently alter their purpose.

Drone, 2012

Sound art installation consisting in four sound-sculptures that play live music, creating a soundscape based in a set of surrounding string pulsation. 

Cool coco, 2012

Exhibition of interactive installations that use elements isolated from nature to propose them in altered contexts.

Estación meteorológica musical, 2018

A weather station, located outside the building, provides live measurements of weather variables. Temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, rainfall, direction and wind speed are used as numerical data for sound synthesis