Through my work, I seek to question the natural tendency we have to try to control the phenomenon of observation, perceiving the environment as synthetically as possible. For this, I create compositions in which an apparent normality is dislocated by disruptive elements, or in which the visual stimulus of a kinetic composition impedes us from observing it in detail.

I am interested in exploring through my works the intermediate point between the two-dimensional and volume, exploring the interrelation between drawing, forms and how geometric motifs can transit in a possible space that exists between image and object.  

The geometric patterns I work with usually come from the visual imaginary of microscopy, Latin American cave paintings and phosphenes. The interrelationship between these worlds is in a certain way a premise that I have been developing during the last years and that allows me to make interdisciplinary crosses that nourish my artistic work.

 I am interested in experimenting with different ways of working with materials, whether modular, agglomerated or woven, because in this I find a relationship with the way in which nature constitutes matter. This sense of order is part of our human essence as well and can be reflected in the way we create the space around us.