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Desentierro, 2020
Phéripheries Internationales group show at Dos Mares
Printemps de l'Art Contemporain 2020 Festival
Marseille, France
Desentierro, 2020. Installation. Sand, glazed ceramic, plaster, pigments, gouache

Desentierro is an installation that gathers symbolic elements of Early Horizon cultures that make reference to the ingestion of the hallucinogenic cactus Achuma, renamed San Pedro by the Spanish colony. Taking as a starting point the material vestiges of the Chavin, Nazca and Moche cultures, false archaeological pieces are made and placed on a pile of sand in the center of the room. Towards the surroundings, the sand turns into geometric patterns that cover the entire space, ephemerally reproducing the forms present in the central objects that account for the hallucinatory experience.

On the one hand, an interactive installation is established in which the spectator must decide whether to walk on it, taking responsibility for its footprints and possible interventions. On the other hand, it seeks to appeal to a different state of perception, in which the limits between the objects and the environment become diffuse and permeable.

Desentierro, 2020. Installation view

Desentierro, 2020. Installation view of a Cabeza clava reproduction of Chavin de Huantar temple
Desentierro, 2020. Installation view – footprints

Desentierro, 2020. Installation view of Achuma cactus inspired by Nasca pottery
Desentierro, 2020. Installation view of a plaster plate reproducing Moche pottery patterns

Desentierro, 2020. Installation view