Cool Coco, 2013
Interactive installation. 
Stones, water, wood, bamboo wood, palm tree wood, aquarelle, speaker 15", piezo elements, amplifier, multi-effects, plants, plant buckets, Arduino, servo-motors, motion sensors, oil paintings, glass, 
Variable measures.
Cool Coco Gallery, 2013. Solo exhibition at Local Gallery. Santiago, Chile.


Interactive installation of South American plants and trees that move and shake as people walk inside of the room. The idea of the installation has its origins in Amazonian chants that are sang in rites and ceremonies in the jungle. The shaman sets the pace of each song with a bunch of leaves as a shaker. Movement is captured through motion sensors in the bottom of each plant bucket, where microprocessors activate servomotors that move each branch of plants in repetitive sequences.

An interactive sound installation consisting of a surface covered with stones on which people can walk. The sound of the footsteps is distorted and amplified to enhance and connect the senses of touch and hearing.

Exhibition of interactive installations that use elements isolated from nature to propose them in altered contexts.

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